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The following table describes the different plans available:

Plan nameProduct(s)
Number of products that you can offer through our service plan.
Monthly maximum number of downloads that will be allowed to pass through our service.
Monthly maximum number of transactions that will be allowed to pass through our service.
Monthly price (USD)

Note that the Gold and Platinum plans also allow you to customize your landing page.

Also note that you get a 20% discount on yearly subscriptions!

If you require additional downloads, we have different download packs available. These will give you extra downloads, independant from your plan.

These extra downloads will only be used once you don't have any remaining in your monthly plan. They will consequently be kept from month to month until there are none left.

To alleviate some confusion, the number of downloads could be considered as the number of intangible (downloadable) products' sales.

The following table gives you details on the different download packs available:

Package nameProduct(s)
Increases the number of products included in your service plan.
Increases the number of extra downloads on your account.
Price (USD)
Mini download pack+5+51$
Regular download pack+20+202$
Big download pack+50+504$
Jumbo download pack+100+1006$


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