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We offer you the simplest and most complete transaction management system. You simply specify the product you wish to sell with its price and a few other details, and we provide you with the link to use for that transaction, as well as basic HTML code to incorporate into your web site.

With our system, you don't need a sophisticated server, programming knowledge or webmaster experience. We do the complex job for you. When a customer clicks on the transaction link, he gets our payment interface which informs him of the product he is purchasing, its price, your name, and all needed details. Then he simply clicks on the Paypal Pay Now button and is taken to Paypal's payment page.

Our system takes care of following-up with Paypal to verify the payment status and keep both you and your customer informed on it. The process works as follows for downloadable products:

transaction process details

You can sell downloadable products, as well as tangible goods requiring shipping. This flexibility allows you to sell anything you want including music, videos, pictures, ebooks, software, digital art, or anything else.

Here are the main features of our service:

So if you have any product or service to offer on the web or by email, we have the solution for you. We're so confident our service will please you that we offer free accounts to anyone who wishes to try it out. As you can see in the Plans page, you can use your free account on a monthly basis without any additional cost to you, as long as you don't need to process more transactions, or require more options.

This could allow you to do a marketing test, and should it succeed, upgrade to the required plan. All that with no risk at all.

Simply sign-up now to try our service for FREE and find out how easy it can be to sell online!

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