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Frequently asked questions

How does the digital product delivery work?

What are the browser requirements for this site?

Although it should work on all javascript and CSS enabled browsers, we strongly encourage using Mozilla Firefox or Netscape.

This said, the only issue found in our compatibility tests is with the tool tips not displaying correctly. There are some appearance issues in Opera and Internet Explorer 7. Internet Explorer 6 unfortunately does not support CSS too well so it doesn't even show them at all.

What is the recommended screen resolution?

The site is made to adjust dynamically to your display, but will be easier to navigate with a resolution of 800x600 or higher.

How do I reduce the number of emails sent by Juzaz EasyPay?

Just login to your account, click on Account details, in the Account management menu, and uncheck the email notifications you do not wish to receive.

How do I get all emails from Juzaz EasyPay in a specific folder?

From hotmail, simply follow these steps:

From Windows Live mail, use the following steps:

From Outlook Express or Windows Mail (Vista), use the following steps:

What does it mean when I receive notification of an errored transaction?

The error could be caused by a number of different reasons which can not necessarily be predictable beforehand. Simply note that when you receive such notification, our staff is also notified and we will inform you of the details very shortly (Typically within 24 hours).

Do I need to give Juzaz EasyPay my Paypal password for the transaction follow-up?

No. We use the Paypal IPN interface to receive updates on the transactions placed through our system. By the way, it is really important to never give out your passwords to anyone.

Am I required to change any setting in my Paypal account?

Not anymore. Paypal has updated their API to provide more flexibility on the IPN management, allowing us to manage everything from the back-door.

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